Aybrid Dance Intensive 2019

Level Up & Create a career across fields: Commercial, Theatre, Film, TV, and Touring.

Not merely an Urban or Contemporary dance intensive. The first intensive for the real world dancer of today: Performer + Athlete + Interpreter

AUG 5 to AUG 17 2019 


Eleven days of pro-level training with Gadfly Aug 5th - Aug 17th 2019 

A one-of-a-kind Dance Intensive in the heart of downtown Toronto, to get solid tools instead of thumbs up, to understand techniques instead of regurgitating dance styles. Eleven days of pro-level training with Gadfly for up to 11 dancers. Drop the idea of versatility in genres and get crucial techniques to ADAPT and work across fields: Commercial, Theatre, Film, TV, and Touring. 

Here is the secret sauce: Be so good they can't ignore you… so unique they can't forget you… so generous they feel bad about it.  


Video of Gadfly's latest touring production of 3 repertoire works with a cast featuring 4 Aybrid Intensive Alumni




Take in 70+ hours of dance indulgence  

Taste 20 hrs of curated techniques classes  

Dive in a 2 weeks Creative Process  

Absorb 2 pieces (including a new touring Gadfly repertoire piece)  

10+ hrs of seminars & discussions on Freelance Hustle (audition, getting work, etc)  

1 Performance of at least 3 works (including a world premiere)  

 1 Memorable learning ride


Not your typical technique class. We’ll decode movement and expand your arsenal through specific techniques taken from Hip Hop, Popping, House Dance, Breaking, various Martial Arts, & Aybrid Movement methods we developed after having worked with 400+ dancers, booked +150 gigs, and created over 50 original works.


Get familiar with the workflow for commercial gigs, music videos, and the corporate contracts we execute for the likes of Nike, Canada Goose, Bench, Clarins, Mugler, Make Up For Ever. Focus: Execution & comfort zone on steroids.


Customized seminars demystifying the game of being a Freelance artist. We skip fluffy theory and hit only the practical, applicable & tested stuff that got us from struggling artists with $13 000+ in debt into 15 years of consistent work (Katy Perry, Feist, Nelly Furtado, Movies: Camp Rock II, You Got Served II, Turn The Beat Around, Commercials: Bell, SYTYCD Canada, Virgin Mobile), and that keeps us hungry to contribute to the art of dance.


Learn a Gadfly piece straight from our company repertoire. Dive in fast-paced learning in the context of a company rehearsal for a remount. Gadfly's award-winning works have been performed in over 14 cities.


Be dancer, interpreter, & collaborator for the creation of a new theatrical work from scratch. Dive into the mind-bending artistic process of Gadfly. Focus: interpretation, style, creativity, and stage presence.  


Simply the hypest studios in Downtown Toronto: Canada's National Ballet School.


9:00am - WARM UP  


10:30am - WORKFLOW LAB in alternation with Gadfly Repertoire  

12:30pm - Lunch  

1:00pm - CREATIVE LAB  


Application deadline

May 21st 2019

or when all 11 spots are filled.

  • ADI 2016: 40+ Applicants. Program SOLD OUT
  • ADI 2017: 80+ applicants. Program SOLD OUT & at over-capacity
  • ADI 2018: 90+ applicants. Program SOLD OUT & at over-capacity


  Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho

Gadfly is an Award-winning repertory dance company and choreography unit powered by passion. We Create Original Works and provide Choreography with a focus on the sweet spot between Artistry, Athleticism, and Authenticity.  

After 3-years in the making, the Aybrid Dance Intensive is here to provide challenging affordable training grounds for a dance career through: result-oriented training methods, experienced faculty, and safe environment to break your face, stand up and build the DNA to be both an artist and a performer.  

THE AYBRID MOVEMENT METHOD Aybrid Movement training is straight up about Adaptability & Uniqueness. It calls you to dance like it’s 2019. It's for Contemporary dancers with thirst for physical & artistic growth and Hip Hop/Urban dancers hungry to expand depth & breath. See yourself as a hybrid artist that is a Performer, an Athlete, and an Interpreter.  

Let’s find what works for you in order to deliver substance to choreographers, memorable stage time to audiences, and have a shot at a dance career!


BRITTANY GUDMUNSON Nick Jonas, Nelly Furtado, Carly Rae Jepsen

If you're looking to step out of your comfort zone and be pushed as a dancer in this industry this intensive is the place to be. Every time I get asked to do a show or gig with Gadfly I'm always thrilled. These two bring the fire and push you to open up your vocabulary and become a better you. There are no limits with these two! 

ANDREW PYRO CHUNG Movie: Hockey Score Musical, Commercials: OLG Lotto, Footlocker, Dora Award Outstanding Performance (for Klorofyl by Gadfly)

7 years working with Gadfly and it's always like working with them for the first time. Still challenged and pushed to my limits every rehearsal, excited to see their end product since they always change things up to keep it fresh. What I appreciate most is the professionalism. Dedicated to being fair to their dancers while expecting hard work in return. Gadfly's normal rehearsals are already intense. So now when you add the work intensive to the mix.... you know they mean business!

CELINE RICHARD-ROBICHON Movie: Nickelodeon, Full Out, Urban Planet, Hip Hop Finalist Bust A Move Battle

Gadfly reveals your weaknesses which fuel your dedication and highlight your strengths to challenge your abilities. About the intensive.... Various techniques for the mind, elaborate artistry for the soul and an elevated version of yourself is what one can expect from the beautiful challenges of training with Gadfly.

LA TOYA ROBINSON Drake, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna

As true visionaries and artists these two always provide thought provoking and inspiring works of art. They've created some amazing bodies of work, that I've had the pleasure to be a part of. I enjoy their process, unconventional style and their hard work and dedication is something to admire. Pushing artists to really connect and explore movement is what they do best and is what you can look forward to at this intensive! 

VICTORIA MEHAFFEY Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie, Pro Arte Danza, Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee (for B8NUAR by Gadfly)

Working with Gadfly is an opportunity to push the limits of physicality, challenge instincts and to learn to trust the development of the artistic voice. Apolonia and Ofilio encourage dancers to be creators. They enable artists to surpass the mental, physical and emotional places they have already visited to experience new, superior energies.

Watch what you could be doing

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is this program?

Number of attendees is capped so you get dedicated attention. You’ll be pushed just enough to be challenged, make amazing mistakes, grow & leave knowing what you need to learn or upgrade moving forward.

Who’s the faculty?

The international-Gadfly-level Teachers and Choreographers we have on deck are kept secret because this intensive is for focused dancers, not those following the hype. Faculty will be revealed gradually.

I’ve never done a contemporary theatre work

Great, now you’ll get acquainted with the area of Canadian Dance that gets the most grants & where dancers are no longer back up but Headliners. High legs and pointed feet could be valid tools but more and more choreographers here look for creativity and uniqueness.

Too expensive?

For less than $9.50 per hour, you’ll be pushed and guided by pros IN the business. If you join CADA, their subsidy program can refund you 60% of this full tuition.

Am I too old (or too young)?

Our award winning production Klorofyl featured dancers age 17 to 35 years old. What’s relevant is your determination & maturity.  

I’ve never done commercial style of dance

Fantastic, now you’ll demystify why and learn what's needed to perform for international recording artists, music videos, & gigs for major brands, concerts, festivals. Performance & Adaptability are key here.

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Tuition: $850 + hst (Payable by installments) Limited Capacity: Max 11 dancers accepted Deadline to apply: May 21st

Application form - After Clicking on the apply button it wil take you to a new page. Fill that form with the following: 

  • 1 or 2 lines describing your dance skills or training
  • One video link executing or performing a choreographed work (in-studio or class material is accepted) 
  • One video link of you simply improvising/freestyling 
  • A list of your top 5 dance accomplishments
  • Short paragraph telling us what you expect to get out of the program

** If you have difficulties with the form just email everything by email at info@Gadfly.ca

  • Each attendee gets a guaranteed spot for Gadfly’s annual closed-doors audition  
  • Everyone gets 1-year access to Gadfly’s private mentorship FB group  
  • Discounts for upcoming shows and workshops 
  • 1 dancer will be selected as an Apprentice for the company’s 2019-2010 Season

Deadline: May 21 2019